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Podcast #378 - The Rebrand, plus Ryan Swoboda

Say hello to the KnightShift Podcast!

UCF OT Ryan Swoboda
Photo by Jordon Kelly/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On this edition of the all-new KnightShift Podcast, Jeff begins by explaining the rebrand of our show from the Black & Gold Banneret Podcast to the KnightShift Podcast.

Then we start with Kyle talking about UCF Knights Men’s Basketball and the list of transferring players, as well as who will be coming in for next season. Then Drew talks about UCF’s latest NIL collective news.

In Segment 2, Kyle talks with former UCF Football OL Ryan Swoboda about life as an offensive lineman, his journey to UCF, and his preparation for the NFL Draft.

Finally, Nick and Bryson join the show to talk about UCF Baseball, Softball, Track and Field, and much more.

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