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ESPN confirms leaked bracket was genuine, and the UCF Women’s Basketball Team is in the field

Kay Kay Wright Derek Warden

UPDATED: UCF Women’s Basketball’s Twitter account has officially announced that they are in fact in the field of 64.

It’s the first bid to the NCAA Tournament for the Knights since 2011, and the first-ever at-large bid in program history.

Here’s the Knights’ reaction:

UCF will play 5-seed Arizona State Friday at 7 p.m. in Coral Gables. As it turns out, both UCF basketball teams will play their first round NCAA Tournament games within a few hours of one another on Friday night.

ESPN confirmed the accidental leak of the bracket, and went ahead and revealed officially it two hours before the scheduled selection show:

The salt is real:


If the Twitter account belonging to Minnesota Whitecaps rinkside reporter Blake DuDonis is to believed, the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament Bracket has been accidentally leaked by accident live on ESPN’s air, and the UCF Knights are in:

Check this out:

As DuDonis described, UCF is in this field. They would be a 12-seed facing Arizona State in the first round in Coral Gables, alongside Miami and Florida Gulf Coast.

DuDonis later posted what he believes to be the entire field that he saw on ESPN:

Now, we don’t know if this is for sure legit or not, or perhaps a rehearsal or something like that, but it certainly looks legit.

Except for the part about UConn being a 2-seed.

Yup, it was totally legit, and UConn is a 2-seed.

UCF Women’s Basketball’s Twitter feed had some thoughts:

Props to Megan Herboth of UCF Athletics for an all-star-level improvisational tour de force today.

So yeah, that was all really weird.

But for UCF, all’s well that ends well, and today ended with both basketball teams in the NCAA Tournament in the same year for the first time in school history, not to mention Football also being in a New Year’s Six Bowl game.