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UCF Women’s Soccer Alumnae React to Aline Reis’ Induction into UCF Athletics Hall of Fame

Former teammates and coaches reflect on Reis’ place in UCF Soccer history

2019 SheBelieves Cup - Brazil v Japan
UCF alumna Aline Reis playing for Brazil
Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Aline Reis will be inducted into UCF Athletics Hall of Fame on April 12th, joining several UCF Women’s Soccer greats, including Michelle Akers.

Here are some reactions from some of Reis’ former teammates and coaches:

Amanda Cromwell

Former UCF Head Coach (1999-2013), coached Reis (08-11), currently at UCLA (2013-present), where Reis was on coaching staff (2013-2016), winning a National Championship in 2013.

“Aline is a hall of famer in all aspects of life. She attacks everything she does with a ferocious tenacity and yet always manages to have fun while doing it. Aline was a great teammate and a joy to coach at UCF. I was also lucky enough to bring her to UCLA as an assistant coach. Aline helped our goalkeepers break records and our team win a national championship. I wish her all the best with Brazil in the World Cup this summer.”

Donna Fishter

Former UCF Assistant Coach, currently Reis’s Goalkeeper coach

“Aline is the epitome of toughness and passion, as a person and player. I’m talking about the 12th century definition of passion… ‘willing to suffer for what you love.’ That’s Aline in a nutshell. It doesn’t matter what is put in front of her to conquer. She will figure out a way over, around, or through it. She was an athlete that genuinely loved the process, the everyday grind of becoming better. This is part of what makes her so special to this day. She has achieved so much in her career and is really only getting started! Can’t wait to see her this summer in the World Cup! I’d pick her over any female goalkeeper in the world right now. When you see her play, you see an expression of who she is.”

Courtney Whidden

UCF Forward (2006-2009), teammate of Reis (08-09)

“Aline is the best goalkeeper I have ever had the chance to play with. Sometimes all you could say after a save was, ‘Wow...How did she get to that?’ She made me a better goal scorer by giving me the best competition out there at every session. I am so proud of her for continuing to push after college and everything she is accomplishing in her career. This honor from UCF is well-deserved and I am lucky to have played with her.”

Yvonne George

UCF Forward (2006-2009), teammate of Reis (08-09)

“One of my favorite memories on the field with Aline, was an away game at UF, we beat the Gators 1-0, scoring the lone goal with under ten minutes to play (handing them their first home opener loss in UF Soccer history), when in reality, we could have easily lost by 5 goals. They had so many opportunities, and if it was anyone else in goal, it would have been a completely different game. Aline was gave our team such confidence with her ability and the forever smile on her face. It’s such an honor to play alongside of her, and to now watch her represent her country. Congratulations on the huge honor!”

Kim Newsome

UCF Forward (2009-2010), Reis’ teammate (2009-2010)

“Wow... Getting to UCF and meeting the girls for the first time as a transfer, I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. Aline was one of the first ones to speak to me. She greeted me with a massive smile and hugged me. Her excuse was, ‘It’s okay, I’m Brazilian, we hug a lot.’ I laughed and said, ‘It’s okay, so do I!’ During our two years together, we connected on a deeper level through our faith. Being on the field with Aline, it was a breath of fresh air. We all knew we wouldn’t get many goals scored against us with her on the field. In speaking with her one day, I asked her, ‘Dude, why are you not on the Brazilian National Team?’ She looked at me and laughed and said, ‘Well I went there a couple of times, but they said to me, I’m too short. If only I was a little taller then they’d take me.’ I remember becoming furious. I said, ‘You’re one of the few keepers I’ve seen who can literally jump/dive across the goal and save upper 90 shots like it’s a simple thing to do.’

We both laughed out loud. She was our saving grace in the goal. Having her leadership on the field was everything to me. There were times I was gassed out, but of course Aline, amongst others would scream, ‘NEWSOME! Come on! You got this! Finish strong!’ I’m so thankful to have had the opportunity to play with Aline. I’m so thankful to God for the opportunity that has come to Aline in her latter years, to represent her country, a dream of hers since she first began this beautiful sport. What’s funny is, she hasn’t grown any taller than that day she was told she was too short. So, that shows who Aline is. Someone who never gave up trying and pursuing her dream. What an incredible ending. Aline, we will forever celebrate you! Love you girl!

Jessie Gardner

UCF Goalkeeper (2004-2008), Reis’ teammate in 2008

“Aline and I spent a lot of time together in college with our plyo sessions, goalkeeper trainings, and weight room work. In all of those instances, I see her big smile and hear her laugh. No matter how hard we trained or how hard we competed, her energy and love for the game was contagious. She made me a better player, and always thanked me for making her better on the field, usually with fist bumps or hugs – lots of hugs. I’ll never forget after we lost to UF in the second round of the NCAA Tournament my final season – Aline jumped up and wrapped her legs around me for the biggest hug ever. Her confidence is matched by her humility. Congratulations Goleira! You are such a badass and I am honored to have played with you! Well-deserved accomplishment to be forever etched in UCF history! Once a Knight, always a Knight!”